Dogs Are Incredible

Episode 2.1

In this episode, you’ll learn about two dogs. The Welsh Corgi, Gamja, a 1-year-old that was abandoned and then adopted. Gamja was described as cute and playful. The Dachshund, Choco, an 11-year-old was described as nice and very mild-mannered, but bullied by Gamja.

Gamja’s Behavior Issues:

  • Aggression
  • Biting (Bit the owner)


  • Gamja – Daughter
  • Choco – Mother

The daughter mentioned that Gamja started bullying Choco when Gamja grew. Gamja gets on top of Choco and pins him down. Gamja kicks Choco while pretending to smell him. The episode showed that the daughter doesn’t interfere and allows Gamja to do this to Choco. The mom got surgery for cancer and had to stay in the hospital for 4 to 5 months, so the daughter looked after Choco.

Welsh Corgi Information:

  • Cattle Herding Dog Breed
  • Tails used to be cut so that they wouldn’t get trampled on by cattle
  • They bite heels when they’re younger because that’s how they herded cattle (They need to be taught how to behave when they’re younger)
  • Shed a lot

Dachshund Information

  • German
  • Dachs means badger
  • Hund means dog
  • A dog that catches badgers

Choco hides as soon as he arrives at the daughter’s house. Choco doesn’t eat or drink while at the daughter’s house. The mother assumes that Choco is sick. Choco trembles while the daughter holds him. The daughter says that Choco must be frightened. The daughter hits Choco playfully and then Gamja goes to bother Choco. The daughter then grabs Choco and uses Choco to punch Gamja. Choco looks uncomfortable the entire time that the daughter is doing that. What the daughter did encourage the dogs to fight more. The mother says Gamja is a bad dog and the daughter says he isn’t. The daughter says that Gamja is just affectionate. The daughter just watches while her sick mother tries to defend Choco from Gamja. The daughter says that Coco can just play dead if he can’t beat Gamja. Gamja vomits because he’s stressed. The trainer asked why the daughter didn’t stop the bullying and the daughter said that Gamja doesn’t bite hard.

The trainer explained that the reason Choco isn’t able to turn or bend his joints is because of arthritis. This is also why Choco can’t walk backward, which means he can’t run away either. It’s hard for him to move his hind legs. The trainer said that Choco lost the will to live because he keeps getting bitten by Gamja. That’s why Choco doesn’t eat or drink.

Important Information:

  • Don’t feed together. It doesn’t bring them closer. It makes them competitive.
  • Have the dogs meet outside first. Then go in the house if they haven’t met in a while.
  • It isn’t helpful when you’re affectionate and petting one dog when the dogs don’t get along.

What you’ll also learn in this episode:

  • How to teach a dog to sit
  • How to teach a dog to lay down

Dogs reflect personalities

If the guardians don’t change their way of thinking, nothing will change

Your dog adjusts to your tone of voice

Dogs Are Incredible

In my opinion, the daughter has issue with the mother because of how the mother raised her. I believe that the issue between them is something that built throughout the years.

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